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SitSpots as a Social Distancing Solution in the Classroom

SitSpots as a Social Distancing Solution in the Classroom

As we begin to look forward and plan for the upcoming school year amidst the concerns surrounding COVID-19, it is apparent that teachers are going to have to manage their classrooms in a much different way. 

We now need to develop classroom tools for social distancing that will make it possible for even young kindergarteners and pre-k students to learn how to manage space and keep distance. SitSpots® offer practical and easy solutions to this new problem.

SitSpots are removable "spots" that attach to classroom carpeting without the use of any adhesives, and can be used as markers to identify where students should sit or stand.

They come in a variety of shapes such as footprints, basic circles, and strips (non-adhesive tapes). Teachers have been using them in their classrooms for years for marking spaces for circle time, for spacing out students, and for developing fun teaching activities and games. Now, in the post COVID-19 world, teachers are turning to SitSpots as a solution to our problem of how to social distance in the classroom. How do we keep our little kids six feet apart? How do we help them visualize what this distance looks like? How do we teach them to line up while maintaining that crucial distance? Sitspots is offering a much-needed solution to this problem of creating separation and teaching our children to maintain this personal space. 

Teachers are beginning to put their minds to solving our social distancing problem in the classroom. Already, we are seeing teachers putting SitSpots to clever new uses. Below are just some of the ways that SitSpots are being used in the classroom. What ways can you think of to use SitSpots in order to social-distance in the classroom?

  • "Footprint" shaped SitSpots are used to help students visualize how far to stand apart in line.
  • SitSpots "strips"and different shapes can be placed as markers to illustrate how far back a  student should stand while waiting for a turn at the drinking fountain. 
  • SitSpots "circles" are used as seat markers to ensure students are sitting far enough apart during group instruction.
  • Librarians are making use of SitSpots to mark where students should stand when they line up to check out.
  • SitSpots allow for the use of less table space and more floor space so that students can spread out more easily.
  • SitSpots serve as visual markers to show students how close they can get to one another during reading time.
  • Sitspots can be used to designate an exercise area to help students maintain personal space and distance.

SitSpots work best on carpeting with loops.

They don't adhere to hard surfaces such as wood floors, laminate, cement, etc.

As we enter this new school year with so many different challenges, I am hopeful that our brilliant teachers will continue to find new solutions to address each and every obstacle that comes their way. I hope that SitSpots can be the one little thing to help them manage the challenging tasks at hand. 

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