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SitSpots Information

 SitSpots... where good teaching begins! 


  • Offer every child an individualized place to sit on during carpet/calendar time
  • Are colorful shapes that attach securely to carpets without glues or adhesives - no more tape on the carpeting!
  • Will not peel, shift, or lift and can be vacuumed over 
  • Cost much less than expensive area rugs
  • Attach to most commercial/industrial grade carpets that are commonly used in public schools, buildings, pre-schools, churches, etc.
  • Will adhere to most carpeting but not all; therefore, we recommend checking your carpet for compatibility. Please follow these simple steps listed below:

You will need one piece of Velcro®, approximately 4" long, to check your carpet.

  1. Separate the Velcro® pieces and use only the rough side of the Velcro® for this carpet check, you will not need the soft fuzzy side. 
  2. Place the piece of Velcro® ROUGH SIDE FACING DOWN onto your carpeting with the smooth side facing up; then press it down firmly onto the carpet.
  3. Slowly remove the piece of Velcro® from the carpeting by pulling it upwards toward you.
  4. SitSpots will work on your carpeting if you noticed the piece of Velcro® grabbing your carpeting and making a "pulling apart Velcro®" sound as you removed it off of your carpeting.
  5. SitSpots will not work on your carpeting if the piece of Velcro® did not grab onto your carpeting and it was easily removed without any resistance. 
    Teachers can:
    • Space students as close together or as far apart from each other as needed
    • Use SitSpots to help students understand where to go during carpet time, center activities, lines to stand in, or paths to follow
    • Use SitSpots as an interactive teaching tool 

    Installing SitSpots are as easy as 1, 2, 3:

    1. Place spots ROUGH side up on your carpet and slide them to the desired position
    2. Turn spots over - ROUGH SIDE DOWN and adjust again if needed– once satisfied – press the spots down
    3. Use a cylinder type object to roll over spots ex: rolling pin, wooden dowel, etc. concentrating on the edges

    Removing SitSpots:

    Lift an edge of a spot and gently pull it upward until the spot is completely detached.

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