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Installation, Removal, and Care of SitSpots®

 SitSpots® will last longer if students are taught to place their bottoms directly on top of their spots. This will prevent them from "picking at" and possibly ruining the spots.


  1. Place SitSpots® on the carpet, rough side up facing the ceiling, adjust to the desired position
  2. Turn SitSpots® over, rough side down, and press down firmly
  3. Use a cylinder type of an object (ie: rolling pin, wooden dowel, etc.) to roll over the SitSpots® in order to set them 

Removal of SitSpots®:

Gently pull the edge of the SitSpots® upward until completely detached

Care of SitSpots®:

  1. Vacuum periodically
  2. Spot treat prior to washing - using Tide gel pens, Spray & Wash, etc.
  3. Machine wash 2-3 times per year (without other garments or inside of laundry bags) on any cycle; air or machine dry
  4. Use scissors to trim away any frayed threads along the edges of the SitSpots®
  5. Reattach back onto the carpeting
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