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How SitSpots Work

Have you met SitSpots?                          

Durable, washable, and simply life-changing!

SitSpots® are a revolutionary product consisting of circles and other shapes that firmly attach to carpeting without the use of damaging adhesives caused from duct tape or masking tapes. These circles provide non-verbal directional cues to students for classroom management and social distancing. 


SitSpots adhere to carpeting and rugs that have a "loop" weave. This is the type of long wearing carpeting that is usually found in schools and other public buildings. No glue or adhesives are ever used. SitSpots simply grab onto the loops on the carpeting and will not shift lift or peel and can be vacuumed over safely. 

SitSpots will not work on most teacher supply store area rugs because the rugs have had the loops cut off during manufacturing. 

SitSpots won't work on hard surfaces such as tile, wood, cement, asphalt, etc. loops.



  • Provide visual directional cues for social distancing and easily help everyone "know where to go".
  • Reduce the size of the classroom meeting area by allowing students to sit closer together, while at the same time providing extra space to those who need it. 
  • Can be used for defining individual seating spaces, designating specific directional lines, specifying paths to follow. 
  • Adhere to classroom carpeting without glue or adhesives
  • Easy, inexpensive, and a perfect solution to managing and organizing students.
  • Can be removed and repositioned and vacuumed over safely
  • Washable and reusable


We place teachers over profit and we strive to make your shopping experience as easy as possible. Bringing a quality product to our teachers is what we are all about.

Meet Joyce who created SitSpots as a kindergarten teacher. Before coming to market she tested SitSpots in the classrooms of young students for size, shape, and durability for over 2 years. Her ultimate goal was to help teachers manage their students without having to purchase expensive area rugs or use damaging tapes on the flooring. 



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