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Writing / Decorating SitSpots®

SitSpots® can be personalized or decorated to fit your classroom needs and/or themes. 

We recommend using Sharpie® Oil Based Permanent Paint Pens / Markers for this task. This is permanent ink and cannot be removed or washed out. Do not use regular Sharpie® pens as they may bleed and ruin the SitSpots®. 

SitSpots® can be decorated to fit your classroom theme by transferring specific images directly onto the spots (ie: school mascots, dinosaurs, etc.) For best results, use stencils or computer generated images as guides.

Directions for tracing over images:

  • Print the image onto a piece of paper sizing it to fit the SitSpots® 
  • Tape the image to a sunny window and hold one SitSpots® on top of the image (or else use a table-top light box). Use a pencil to lightly trace the image onto the SitSpots® 
  • Once the image is duplicated to your satisfaction - use various colored Sharpie® Paint Pens to decorate the SitSpots®
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