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Twister Floor Game

Twister Floor Game

This Twister Floor Game was used for sight word practice and was a big hit in my K classroom! My kiddos LOVED playing it and picked this game first during any free time that they had...maybe it was the crawling around the floor that got 'em. Give it a try and I'm pretty sure that you'll have the same results with your kids as I had with mine.


To increase student engagement levels and practice academic content skills


Materials needed:

  • Circles (any color) quantity to depend upon how many words you want your students to practice
  • Pieces of blue tape or masking tape (if you want to reuse your spots again)
  • Black Sharpie Paint Marker 
  • Container for holding "sight words" 

# of students 3 or 4

Print one word on each spot or on each piece of tape

Print the same words on pieces of paper and place them inside the container

Arrange the spots on your carpeting spacing them a little further apart than in the Letter Recognition Floor Game.

Designate one student as the "caller" who will pick a word out of the container and read it to the group

Students place a limb on the word once they hear it from the caller


Write the same word on multiple spots providing students with additional opportunities for practice them.  I usually did this with new content. For example, I wrote "like" on 4 different spots instead of just one or two. This doubled or quadrupled the number of times that my students saw and read that word. 

Can teach students the concept of "right and left" by adding this to the "callers" job

Musical Spots - using wireless earphones (a worthwhile investment). The callers job is to operate the CD player. Students march or hop from spot to spot until the music stops, and then will whisper the word that they've landed on to a partner. More students can participate in this game depending upon the number of wireless earphones that are available. 

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  • Jun 05, 2018

    I tried sight word twister with my kindergarten class today and they loved it. The students who weren’t playing were helping their friends find the words. So engaging!

    — Megan

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