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I'm not sure if SitSpots® will adhere to my carpet.  What can I do? 

-We want to make sure you, the teacher, are completely satisfied with SitSpots!  Therefore, we urge every teacher to test their carpeting prior to purchasing by following these simple directions: 

You will need one piece of Velcro®, approximately 10cm long, to check your carpet.

  1. Separate the Velcro® pieces and use only the rough side of the Velcro® for this carpet check, you will not need the soft fuzzy side. 
  2. Place the piece of Velcro® ROUGH SIDE FACING DOWN onto your carpeting with the smooth side facing up; then press it down firmly onto the carpet.
  3. Slowly remove the piece of Velcro® from the carpeting by pulling it upwards toward you.
  4. SitSpots will work on your carpeting if you noticed the piece of Velcro® grabbing your carpeting and making a "pulling apart Velcro®" sound as you removed it off of your carpeting.
  5. SitSpots will not work on your carpeting if the piece of Velcro® did not grab onto your carpeting and it was easily removed without any resistance. 

Can I vacuum over SitSpots, or do I need to pick them up every time I vacuum?

You can absolutely vacuum over SitSpots without having to pick them up and reattach them afterwards.  Custodians LOVE SitSpots since they can be vacuumed over without lifting, shifting and/or peeling. Plus, they don't leave a sticky duct/masking tape residue behind on the carpeting. We recommend that you clean your SitSpots 2-3 times annually to keep them looking fresh.


How long do SitSpots last?

SitSpots may last for years depending upon the wear and tear that they experience from students year to year. If you choose to personalize them using permanent ink, they will need to be replaced annually as this ink is permanent and cannot be removed. Use multiple sets for skills practice when implementing floor games, and to make sure that your classroom has a fresh and exciting theme year-round!

Is there a minimum order requirement?

No, there is no required minimum dollar or quantity amount on orders for our spots. We customize every order to fit each teacher's individual needs.

We're sure you have many other questions, and we'd love to answer them for you. Please email us at with any questions or comments and we'll return your inquiry as quickly as possible.

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