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A minimum order of 10 spots is needed for processing and shipping.

May be combined with other individual spots to reach the minimum order requirement.

These SitSpots® bright green arrows are the perfect solution to social distancing needs and directing traffic flow by providing visual cues. Use as many as needed to help everyone know the paths to follow by turning each arrow in the direction that is needed.

SitSpots are compatible with most carpeting (but not all) and can be safely vacuumed over without disturbing them if they adhere properly to your carpeting.

Not sure if your carpeting is compatible with SitSpots; view this video for a quick way to check your carpeting.

Will not work on hard surfaces such as wood, tile, or laminate flooring.

Created, owned, and operated by a kindergarten teacher.

Made in the USA from industrial strength materials.

Approximate size: 4" (10cm)

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